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Sterling Silver Turquoise Statement Ring

Sterling Silver Turquoise Statement Ring


A statement piece for the turquoise lover. Turquoise is believed to be a powerful stone that helps with your communication and self expression. It is also believed to be a protective stone, helping to ward off negative energy and to promote inner peace.

This ring is a size 8.25. Please keep in mind that with the wider ring band, it may feel slightly smaller than a 8.25. The comfortable ring band measures approximately 6.5mm wide. The turquoise setting (including the decorative beaded border) measures approximately 1.25" tall by 1 1/8" wide. Everything is made with sterling silver materials.

We do our best to take accurate photos of all our jewelry. Please keep in mind that colors will vary from monitor to monitor. 

The ring pictured is the exact piece you will receive. 

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