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14k Gold Naupaka with Diamond Ring

14k Gold Naupaka with Diamond Ring



Wear a beautiful symbol of Hawaiian legend with this 14k gold naupaka flower ring. A tiny diamond shines in the center of the naupaka flower.

The mo'olelo (story) of naupaka:

In one rendition of the naupaka flower legend, a tale unfolds about two ill-fated lovers, Naupaka and Kaui. Naupaka, the sister of the fire goddess Pele, found love in the arms of Kaui, a fisherman. However, Pele grew envious of their affection and sought to bring harm to the couple.

In a desperate bid to escape Pele's wrath, Kaui hastily ventured into the mountains, while Naupaka sought solace in the embrace of the sea. After their passing, flowers emerged near the shore and amidst the mountains, bearing a striking resemblance to one another, albeit with slight distinctions – the naupaka kahakai (beach) and the naupaka mauka (mountain). These blossoms serve as a poignant symbol of the couple's love, forever united yet tragically destined to live apart.

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