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Gold Fill Colorful Sunrise Shell Necklace

Gold Fill Colorful Sunrise Shell Necklace


A gorgeous one of a kind sunrise shell floats along a 14k gold fill satellite chain for this necklace. This shell is stunning! It features all the best colors you can find in a sunrise shell- yellow, pink and even hints of green. 

The sunrise shell is approximately 7/8" tall by 7/8" wide. It has a simple setting behind the shell, so the shell pendant looks like it is floating over the chain. The chain is adjustable between 18"-19" long. There are tiny faceted green peridot gems near the clasp. 

Sunrise shells are very rare and only found in Hawai'i. The shell is 100% natural in color. All of the shells we use in our jewelry are responsibly sourced. No live shells are ever used in our jewelry.

We do our best to take accurate photos of all our jewelry. Please keep in mind that colors will vary from monitor to monitor.

The necklace pictured will be the exact piece you will receive.

Handmade in our studio in Kaua'i, Hawai'i.

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