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Leather Jewelry Travel Case

Vegan Leather Jewelry Travel Case


Tired of your necklaces getting tangled while you travel? Or losing one side to your favorite pair of earrings? Or misplacing one of the 15 ziplock bags that's currently holding your jewelry? Well, look no further. You can now store your jewelry safely and in style with our new Brianne & Co. travel cases!

The top half of our new travel case safely holds your necklaces to keep them from tangling together. You can also store large hoop earrings, bangles or chunky bracelets in this section as well. The bottom half is perfect for holding your rings and studs. The removable dividers help to keep your earring pairs separated, while the ring cushions keep your valuables from moving around. And of course we had to add a little mirror to make things even more convenient. 

Measurements: 4 inches wide by 4 inches deep by 2 inches tall.

Made with love from vegan leather.

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