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Gold Plated Vs. Gold Vermeil

Brianne Light

Posted on April 01 2023

Gold Plated Vs. Gold Vermeil

So today we're talking about gold plated and gold vermeil jewelry. What's the difference between the two?

I'm sure you've heard of gold plated before. But what the heck is it? 

Gold plated is basically a very thin plating over a gold base metal. The gold content is usually less than 1%! The base metal will usually be brass or copper, but it often contains nickel and tin. Nickel is typically the metal that causes allergic reactions with your skin. Your skin may become irritated or even turn green. Gold plated is a great option if you're looking for a cheap piece of costume jewelry to wear once or twice, however it will wear off very quickly. 

Gold vermeil is definitely a step up from gold plated. Gold vermeil is when real gold is electroplated over sterling silver. Depending on the thickness of the plating, gold vermeil can eventually wear off and your piece will turn back to silver. Especially on pieces like rings where they are being exposed to hand washing continuously.

There are so many options for gold colored jewelry, and we'll never poo-poo on your jewelry preference! It's all about your needs and your price range. Gold plated and gold vermeil are a great option if you'd like to wear a piece for just a few special occasions. 

However, if you're looking for gold jewelry that will last for years (or even a life time), we highly recommend 14k gold filled and solid 14k gold. That's why we choose to use these materials in our jewelry :)

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