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What the heck is gold fill?

Brianne Light

Posted on November 02 2022

What the heck is gold fill?

There are soooo many types of gold jewelry on the market nowadays. Gold vermeil, gold plated, Hamilton gold, 14k gold, gold filled, just to name a few. With so many options available on the internet, it can be confusing deciding which one to go for. For most people, there are two main factors when buying jewelry. Price point and quality. So what if you don't want to spend a ton of money, but you want something that will last for years? I'd like to introduce you to our favorite material, gold filled.

So what the heck is gold filled?

Gold filled is a very thick layer of real 14k gold that is permanently pressure bonded to a brass or copper base. There is no nickel in gold fill, so it is a great option for sensitive skin. With the gold layer being so thick, and the technique used to apply the gold, it holds up great. The gold will not chip or flake off, and it will not turn your skin green. Gold filled is the next best thing behind solid 14k gold. 

I personally love gold filled jewelry because I have very sensitive skin. I had to re-pierce my ears 4 TIMES because they kept getting infected from the cheap earrings I was wearing. I guess you could say I was determined (or stubborn lol). The gold filled earrings I wear now do not bother my ears one bit. I am finally free to wear all the cute earrings I love without having to pay the hefty price of solid gold!

The majority of our pieces are made with quality gold filled materials. If you have sensitive skin (or just want great quality at a great price!) then check out our selection on our website. It's updated weekly, just to keep things fresh ;)



Stay tuned because next we'll talk about gold plated vs. gold vermeil!

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